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About us

Our Company

Rich-Tech Precision Limited, as an overseas machine manufacturers' professional agent, offer European and American advanced industrial machines and technology for China market.

Rich-Tech supply clients, who are mainly based in China, including the automotive, aerospace, locomotives and railway rolling stocks, shipbuilding, construction machinery, and power station equipment industries.

Rich-Tech are committed to establishing partnership with customers and suppliers, which ensures the continuous development of our new business.

Rich-Tech's knowledge and experience of the needs in China, matched by an understanding of a wide variety of specialized European and American principals, makes us an excellent interpreter in matching the supply and demands, to the satisfaction of all parties concerned.

Our People

  • All of our team members have a university degree in engineering, and most of them have previous work experience in foreign manufacturers' agents, and know the Chinese machinery industry well.
  • We have a member, who ever studied and worked in the western communities for several years.

Our Services

  • Equipment Agency Services. Rich-Tech is everywhere in finding prospective customers, the daily contact, technical review, commercial settlement, installation and start up, training, commissioning and final acceptance, offering full process assistance to both the foreign manufacturers and the Chinese customers. In particular we will suggest our foreign principals and make an arrangement to participate in trade shows and conferences.
  • Special Consultancy. In addition to the services set forth above, which are more dedicated for machinery delivery based business, we are also offering consultancy of know-how transfer and strategic cooperation for the foreign suppliers who intend to manage this kind of business with Chinese companies. For this consultancy service, we are not only doing market development, locating prospective customers, going deep to the sales work, but also offering innovative solutions to manage this particular business.

Our strengths:

  • Immediate Access To The Chinese Market. Rich-Tech are an experienced sales team already in the Chinese market. We are familiar with this area and have good prospects. We extensively and in-depth understand the Chinese market and the Chinese customers.
  • An Absolutely Necessary Communication Channel. The Chinese market is a large emerging, but special one, compared to the western business world, in which there is a special marketing rule and people use a different way to do business. We have the ability to help both the foreign suppliers and the Chinese customers to overcome the culture barriers.
  • Highly Experienced, More Aggressive Sales Force. Rich-Tech, as a foreign manufacturers' sales agent, is highly educated and trained. Through the wide sales network and connections we have established during years, along with our expertise in identifying customer's management hierarchy, we are able to approaching the right customers and the contacts and the decision makers at the right time.
  • Versatile Agency Service. Our engineering and commercial experience enables us to handle the communication works through the whole business process from locating the prospective customers to after-service. And even we can arrange a supply of outsourced components locally if needed. Also we can offer the customers spare parts with local money, which is very helpful under the Chinese complicated import and export policy.

Partners covering the whole China


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